How To Build A Website From The Ground Up

It has long been the case that creating a website from scratch has been the job of specialized designers and developers. It is becoming more important for everyone to have a little bit of knowledge when it comes to making webpages with HTML and CSS. It offers a great introduction to coding, a good skill for resumes and it allows you to establish a personalized online presence with your own webpage.

Websites are created from an HTML file. Read the rest of this entry »

Building A Website From Scratch Can I Do That

Building a website from scratch is actually very easy and can be done by almost anyone. Before beginning to build a website, the web designer should decide how far they want to go into web design, and how much they want to learn. If they just want to build a simple website, there are a lot of ways to do it.

One of the easiest ways to create a website is to use a software program built for designing a website. These programs, Read the rest of this entry »

Benefits of Technology in the Classroom

The Internet has transformed so many aspects of our lives – including education. In today’s classrooms, the Internet is an integral part of how children learn. Today, satellite Internet – learn more at – has made it easy to bring the World Wide Web to classrooms where DSL and cable can’t reach.

So, how does the influence of technology benefit education?

First of all, it helps get children ready for the workforce in the digital age. The overarching purpose of an education is to prepare children for a successful life outside of the classroom. Technological skills are necessary in the present-day work environment, so learning them at a young age provides valuable preparation for future employment.

Furthermore, technology in the classroom provides for a more enjoyable educational experience. When kids are having fun, they are not only less bored, but more willing to learn. Other advantages include higher attendance rates, improved student performance and increased student productivity.

However, it’s important for teachers to know how to use technology to its full potential. Back in the 1990s, the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) came up with the “five J’s,” an approach for integrating technology into the classroom. The five J’s include:

Job-related -Above all else, the most important role of the teacher is to help students learn a specific lesson.
Just enough – Teachers don’t need to know everything about the technology they’re using. They only need to know “just enough” to help them use it for an educational purpose.
Just in time -Teachers should learn certain technology “just in time” to apply it in the classroom.
Just in case – Teachers should always have a “Plan B” if the technology is ineffective in teaching a specific lesson.
Just try it – Mistakes will inevitable be made, so teachers should never hesitate to try out new technology to see what works and what doesn’t.

The Best Sites To Get A Domain Name

If you are shopping for a place to register your domain name, there is one thing to keep in mind, and that is to use one of the top companies on the Internet. The actual cost of registering a domain name is very low and the amount of money you will save is insignificant. A top company such as Go Daddy will charge about ten to twelve dollars a year. A lower price discount service may charge five dollars. But the potential problems that can occur by going with a Read the rest of this entry »

Why Do I Need A Domain Name

A domain name is an internet website address. Web sites and domain names have become the standard for all successful businesses today. It is used for identification purposes and for ease of finding your website. When developing a website it is very important to think of a clever, unique domain name that your consumers will be able to easily remember. Domain names are much like home addresses in that they help to easily locate your website. Registering Read the rest of this entry »

Public Domain Photographs For The Right Look

Do you have a blog or website that just looks to plain in your opinion? Are you writing a blog post and want to spice it up with photographs? If you don’t have a camera or need a photo that just isn’t available for you to photograph, there is a solution for you. Public domain photographs. Public domain photographs and included images are considered non copyrighted and you are free to use these images in any manner you wish. You may use public domain photos on personal Read the rest of this entry »

Where To Find Thousands Of Templates

A template is a pre-developed or designed page layout for a blog or website. Many websites that sell or offer free websites or blogs will have a number of templates of differing designs. These templates can be fairly plain or follow a theme or subject that your website will be about. From sports to cooking, there are thousands to be had on the internet. Some sites that sell or offer free websites will have their own templates for you to choose from, or will allow you to Read the rest of this entry »

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